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We provide you 150 free credits to test the components available in Genialcloud Analysis Professional.

Components available for Genialcloud Analysis Professional

Master File Foundation - MFF
Default basic components, always present. It allows users and personal settings management. It also allows to build models from data coming from the solutions used within Genialcloud.

Analysis Dashboard
Analysis Dashboard allows to easily monitor key business combining all the data needed into personalized real time dashboards. It provides graphical and/or tabular views of data models among those available. It is possible to author dashboards with grids (pivot and flat), maps, graphs, filters, with data browsing ability through drill. Dashboards can be saved and shared with other users.

Genialcloud Connectors
Defines connections to the databases used by other Genialcloud solutions that are used on the Cloud (Genialcloud Proj and Genialcloud Freedoc).

XLS Connectors
Provider for the definition of connections to Excel files to be used as data sources to build models.

Allows to select one of the data models available and to build views made of grids (pivot/flat) and graphs or maps. Users can view, navigate and aggregate data for analysis in a simple and intuitive way. These views can be saved, shared with other users and exported in the most common formats (pdf, xlsx, csv, html).

Standard Connectors 
Provider for the definition of connections to the following data sources: Microsoft Analysis Services, Microsoft Tabular Services, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, AS400/DB2. The user can build data models connected to the preferred source and use them to build Views, Dashboard and Reports.

Other Genialcloud Analysis components available in higher configurations




Proxy Connectors
Allows to safely access its own data directly from the cloud, without having to set complex and/or expensive transfer via network, enabling to implement a Hybrid Cloud scenario.

An integrated web report designer within the application allows to build autonomously its own reports, connected to one or more data models. It is possible to select among a wide array of styles such as grids, tables, graphs, maps and insert customizable graphical elements.

SSRS Connectors
Connector to access Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). It allows to use the RDL report (Report Definition Language) directly from Genialcloud Analysis.

Advanced Connectors
Provider for the definition of connections to the following data sources: Dashboard and Report, Microsoft Azure Tables, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Facebook, Gmail, Google Apps, Google Spreadsheets, Json, MongoDB, Odata, RSS, XML,


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