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We provide you 150 free credits to test the components available in Genialcloud Facsys Enterprise.

Components available for Genialcloud Facsys Enterprise

Master File Foundation - MFF
Default basic components, always present, requested for using Facsys Collaboration, Facsys Secure Storage, Facsys Scanstation Pro and Facsys Workflow components.

Facsys Collaboration is the enterprise level component to manage and search for documents. Integrates synchronization, collaboration and business information sharing functions, along with those of traditional document management.

Secure Storage
Client tool that manages legally compliant storage, digital signature, timestamp, documents offline backup, encryption and medium burning.

Other Genialcloud Facsys components available in higher configurations




Other Genialcloud Facsys components available for Enterprise Store

Facsys Fax On Cloud
Enables complete management of enterprise fax communications. Automates the flow of fax messages directly to e-mail inboxes and network repositories without routing to any third-party servers - ensuring the highest level of security for your confidential documents.



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