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Genialcloud Proj provides ERP, CRM, SCM e HRM: ONE PLATFORM, MANY SOLUTIONS. Genialcloud Proj individual modules can be activated separately, allowing users to use only the functions they need and pay them accordingly, being able to evolve over time.

We provide you 150 free credits to test the components available in Genialcloud Proj Enterprise.

Components available for Genialcloud Proj Enterprise

Master File Foundation - MFF
Proj MFF is the basic component for master datas’ creation, management and use (Customers, Suppliers, Products, etc.), operation settings configuration and management of basic data necessary for the different application components’ activation.

Accounting, Finance, Control - AFC
Proj AFC provides complete, simple and innovative functionality for general ledger management. It also gives corporate controllers a comprehensive set of tools to constantly monitor the cost and management by individual code, by contract or work centers.

Sales, Marketing, Support - CRM
Proj CRM offers powerful features for sales, marketing and customer support, helping you create personalized relationships with each client through sales management tools, customer satisfaction monitoring and support service efficiency.

Sales, Purchase, Distribution - SPD
Proj SPD manages the entire sales and purchase cycle from order acquisition to order execution to shipping and billing.

Human resources - HRM
Proj HRM manages all employee information including skills, training qualifications, professional experiences, current position and job description.

Production, Planning, Logistics - PPL
Proj PPL handles all internal/external production and constantly monitors its status. By automating warehouse logistics, Proj PPL helps to improve efficiency by better organizing the handling, storage, picking and shipping of goods and materials.

Project Management, Time Billing - PPM
Proj PPM is an indispensable project management tool. It maintains an organization chart with clearly defined roles and responsibilities for each project, while managing workloads by resource to identify capacity constraints and bottlenecks - helping to ensure projects come in on time and on budget.

Maintenance, advanced inventory,  scheduling - SCM
(Available Soon)

Other Genialcloud Proj components available in higher configurations




Other Genialcloud Proj components available in the Enterprise Store

Travel and Expense Management - TEM
Proj TEM manages all aspects related to domestic and foreign business travel - from authorization, compilation of the expense report, receipt verification and authorization, to accounting and reimbursement.

Time & Schedule Management - TIME
Proj TIME manages all aspects of attendance and schedule management of your workforce.


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