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Genialcloud Facsys

With the Digital asset management applications you can store and manage your company information in any format and in a secure way. With Facsys Workflow you improve your operations, monitor your processes, and make your business more efficient. Thanks to its user friendly interface you can set and quickly deploy business processes with no need of technical skills.

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Genialcloud Analysis

Genialcloud Analysis is the self service Business Intelligence Cloud solution that allows to identify, interpret and share meaningful business information. Custom templates, dashboards, reports, multi-dimensional analysis, predictive modelling and geo-marketing tools allow to extract the most relevant insights from any data source.

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Genialcloud ProJ

Cloud based, modular and fully self-service, Genialcloud Proj offers all the popular functions of ERP, CRM, SCM and HRM applications all in one place. Whether it’s accounting and finance, sales and marketing, purchasing cycles and production, customer service and support or HR and employee management and timesheet billing - it’s all available with Genialcloud Proj.

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